TechTarget (TTGT) Tender Offer with Odd-Lot Provision (not profitable currently)

  • Company: TechTarget Inc.
  • Ticker: TTGT
  • Market Cap: $254mm
  • Size of Action: $63mm
  • Type of Transaction: Tender Offer with Odd-Lot Provision
  • Potential Gain (%): not profitable currently
  • Expiration: 5pm June 8th, 2016
  • Tender Limit (Shares): 99
  • Max Investment ($): $781
  • Max Gain ($): n/a
  • Sec Filing: Link
  • Summary: TechTarget (TTGT) is offering to buy up to $8mm of its shares at $7.75.
  • Odd Lot Provision:  ...except for "odd lots" (lots held by owners of fewer than 100 shares), which we will purchase on a priority basis.....
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